May 2020 games - Many games of Switch and movie games (PS4-PC-XBOX)

 May 2020 games - Many games of Switch and movie games

May 2020 games - many games of Switch and movie games



John Wick Hex

It is a strategy action game adapted from the John Wake movie series. This game focuses on the concept of action, accuracy, and shooting in a character
John Wake has the same style in the movie, but with a different engineering atmosphere and cartoon.may 2020 games with gold

And the way to play is that you determine your movements by choosing the following places or steps and fighting the enemies at the appropriate time and there will be some
Photo shots from other and new angles.may games 2020 ps plus

The game was available on May 5 this month



Super Mash

It is a simulation game, Arctic, Platform and Arborgy of a special kind, and the game is its idea that you run a game store or developers and contribute to making games 

In addition to trying the game, you as a character in the game will also try the games as a player outside the game and control them.may games 2020 ps4

The game will be available on May 8 this month



Man eater

Almost it is the most exciting game that attracts your attention for the current month and the game takes you in an experience in a different atmosphere and distinct from the rest of the games.may video games 2020 

Do you remember the simple, colorful shark games where you eat fish? This game will be the same experience with a shark, but with a bloody and realistic character, the game is more adventurous and action-adventure 

that controls the shark and it poses the danger of the sea and the stranger because it will have a story, cinematic scenes, side missions and things to do in the depths or even on the roofs.In addition to fishing species of fish, as well as killing people on the coasts, 

in addition to attacking some facilities and will acquire some.may pc games 2020 Abilities when progressing in the game because the game is dazzling and you will find more and more difficult enemies and targets and in general an entertaining experience and adventures is possible To be new to the players And

the release of the game on May 22 this month



Saints Row The Third Remastered

And after 9 years, the developers of Scientists Row decided to return the third part with a better look and develop graphics from scratch for many things until they appear.In a new form, it is a series known for action that surpasses realism in a small of may 2020

If you have not tried the game before then it will be the experience.upcoming games may 2020.As if it is a satirical action movie and it contains a quantity of laughter and the pleasure of destruction in addition to using the strangest weapons on humans You will like it nba games in may 2020

In addition to that, it is an open world with cars, planes and side things to do in addition to a funny story as we mentioned Before, it will be an opportunity for those who have not tried the game before to enjoy it

The game will be available on May 22 this month

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Mine craft Dungeons

It is a completely new game from the developers of Mine craft and its idea is adventures and action and Argy and the game offers a cooperative experience for four players
Whether on one screen or online and from the name of the game, you will have adventures in the same caves, facing enemies, mystery, solving problems and puzzles.

The player depends on the armor he wears and the weapons he uses to bypass existing enemies and obstacles and the game is of a high quality
It can be a suitable choice for family and friends and play the game with each other afl games may 2020

 And the game will be free for Xbox
And for $ 20 for PlayStation 4, PC and Switch

The game will be released on May 22 this month




It is a new game that offers team games online or local, or what is called Free to Play on the Switch platform and it  offers fighting and action experience and a game of 
the competition For 8 players with the most powerful survival system

In addition, you can play locally as two teams four by four in the switch and each one designs a character And the competition is fun among the players, and you can do strange and strange things while fighting. cool math games

 The goal is to have fun by collecting 
The points, the win, and the atmosphere of the game are light, beautiful, free, and a win for every character who owns the switch
The game will be available on May 27

9 - Three groups of games will be released on the same day on the Switch


Nintendo Switch
Bio Shock Collection

It includes the first three parts, both the first part Remaster and the second and third parts, titled In Vent, is simply one of the best

Three games for adventure lovers, deep stories, gas, challenges, difficulties and  beautiful experience that you will not try and will be available as a group Complete in one game


Nintendo Switch

Borderlands Collection

It is the first and second part and fully expanded in the sense that the game is very huge content for this series at one time if you are

You love shooting games and killing bosses, so I advise you about this game

And note that it is possible to play Blair's Singles, but the game is always preferred to be day


Nintendo Switch

X Com 2 Collection

And it will offer the second part in addition to four great expansions in the amount of the second part itself and provide an experience of the best strategic action games

Tactical will face the aliens on the ground in many battles, and as we mentioned four expansions, the amount of battles will be huge

The three games will be available on May 29, at the end of this month



Marvel iron man VR

It is an action game from the release of the American company Studio Flash Stack and published by Marvel and the events of the game that you are facing the greatest enemies of Iron Man

Famous in dangerous battles that you can upgrade technology to control the distinctive armor and capabilities

The game will be released on May 15 this month



Waster land 3

It is a role-playing game that features cooperative play and you and your friends can play until you finish all the tasks and this part is distinguished With cars and vehicles, as for the events of the game, you will be in Colorado, where you will play the role of the last survivor of Team November

And the game is coming on May 19 for the current month



The last of us

It is one of the most exclusive PlayStation 4 games, it is an action horror and adventure game published by Sony, and the story begins after five years of events part One.the last of us 2

Where players will use Elie at the age of 19, who will  conflict with monsters in the United States after the end of the world

And the game was postponed to the date of May 29 because of the Corona epidemic



Fast and Furious Cross Roads

It is a game inspired by the series of films Speed ​​and Rage, and the game will present an adventure with a story full of action and chases cars In a similar way to movies in addition to the online cooperation phase

And the game is coming on May 29 this month

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